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We are a small and young, privately owned company. Since 2008 we have been working hard to understand and study the trucking industry, getting new experience year after year. To understand it better, and become a competitive motor carrier we had to go through every part of this job, beginning  working as truck drivers, then owner operators, understanding mechanical problems and repairs, knowing how the market works, financial part and risks, big responsibility and the main part of trucking-safety.

Today transportation and logistics are changing and becoming even more sophisticated. Players of these industries have to constantly innovate and upgrade their operating methods to serve their clients more efficiently and cost effectively.


Our Services


Totus inc. provide an all encompassing general freight transport to key destinations including regional areas. Dedicated regional runs will ensure that your shipment will get to its destination in the required timeframe.

Long Haul Road Freight Transport

Totus inc provides long distance transport to its clients with typically the following goods being transported: Household & Electronic Goods


Industrial Goods

Other (Printing, Stationery, Glass, Parts, etc.)

Quality of Service

Quality of Service – Totus inc provides customers with courteous, prompt, anddependable service. The company makes it best to build up a reputation for timely deliveries and the best drivers in the industry.

Competitive Rates

The business will always endeavour to provide competitive ratesto its customers, because it strives to keep costs as low as possible, without sacrificingon service quality.


Totus inc,  tends to go out of its way to deliver goods on time and havehighly trained and dedicated staff which ensures smooth running of operations. The key is not to over promise and under deliver, but to be honest and transparent at all times.

Package handling

By maintaining dependable and safe equipment, the companyensures that there is no damage to customer's cargo.

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